Etsy Friday Finds

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi again!

This week I found everything from the 'pretty' to the 'funny' to the 'useful' and the very manly!

Freak of Metal

Aren't these great?? I'm sure guys would look at these as a waste of good tools, but can't hooks be aesthetically pleasing too?

Vintage Chic Furniture

My dream home (at the moment) would be a shabby chic, very feminine and full of pillows! And this side table would be in my hallway. I fell in love with the color and the distressed look of it. But the price tag, and lack of beach front property, will keep me dreaming some more! LOL

Love Lee Soaps

When I spied this image, I cracked up laughing!! I don't know that I could actually use the soap, but what a great gag gift for a friend or family member! LOL :)


I have developed a ganglion cyst on my wrist from all my hours at a computer and the only thing that helps it go away is elevating my wrist off the table, so I think I'm actually going to invest in this. The bonus is that it will smell good too! :)

Fleur Avenue

I am HANGING out to see the new Alice In Wonderland movie in March! So is my little girl and I was thinking this might be a great little gift for her. A teeny, tiny cup on a necklace! So cute!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed finding them!


♥Rach♥ said...

I love these posts from you each week. There's always a ton of stuff I don't need ;0)

Crafty Math Chick said...

Such cool findings! You know, my grandmother had a ganglion cyst in her wrist too - you know what her doctor had her do to make it go away? He hit it really hard with a really big book, LOL! It worked! It would come back sometimes, but she always got the same treatment. I don't know if I would be brave enough to try it, but I am always intrigued by 'nonmedical' treatments that work.

Hope your wrists feel better Sandra! You are too talented to let anything slow down your creative creations.


Mary Giles said...

I LOOOOVE that teeth soap...I would put it in my bathroom just to see the reation of guests when they com eout of the bathroom. Tooo funny!!! Of course you know I lov emy funny stuff.

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