Etsy Friday Finds

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi again!

I thought I'd continue the Alice theme today and show you some awesome AIW stuff I found on Etsy this week. You should do your own search of all things Alice on Etsy - so much eye candy in one place!


Loved this necklance! From the baubles to the pendant - it's all yummy!

Aren't these wooden mushrooms cute?? Great for easter decorations!


Thought this bag would make for a great market bag. Not that it's big enough for that reallly, but who cares! You'd look stylish anyway! :D


LOVE this ring! Something fun to wear while out and about this summer. :)

Baba Studio Prague

An Alice laptop bag! How cool! I wonder if they make these for netbooks?? Hmmmm...

Thanks so much for stopping by today and all week! Have a fabulous weekend!


brianandrews said...

I have been following these guys for a long time now. Very talented. They did / helped do the concept art for the new Tim Burton AinWL :)

they have a AinWL art show in Paris. Wish I could have gone!

kadie said...

ooooo, I love everything, but especially those bags...I have a small bag addiction :)

Gingerbread Gal♥ said...

Wow Sandra! You find the best stuff!

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