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Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Morning Sweet Peeps!

I hope your weekend was perfectly relaxing! We spent ours visiting a few antique stores in the area. I found some awesome pieces we've been after for our bathroom makeover! One was a small silver dish to put my soap in and a decorative door knob back plate to dress up a very ornate door knob we found in the shed of our house. I'm going to piece them together and use it for a hand towel hook/holder! It's a little unusual, I know but when you live in a 1890's farmhouse, a little unusual goes a long way. :) I also managed to find an old apple tree ladder. Can you guess what I'm going to use it for? Did you guess for my bath towels? Then you guessed right! The Man and I gave it a good sanding and stained it so that it matched some of the other wood pieces we have in the bathroom. I spent Sunday sewing a shower curtain which I didn't quite finish since I decided to add some ruffles to the top of them, but ran out of fabric! Bugger.

I promise I'll share photos with you next Monday! We're waiting on a light fixture we ordered online to come in and once that's up, the room will look more complete. The only things that still need doing in there, but we're saving our pennies for, are new faucets for the sink and bathtub. The sink has chrome ones which don't match and the tub fixtures have been broken since we bought the house. I'd also love to add crown molding to the room, but since it's not needed to 'finish' the room, it can wait. I am a patient woman. :)

Anyway, long story short, all these little projects around our house is why I haven't been making any cards lately. Some of you may have noticed that I (temporarily) stepped down from the There She Goes team. Even though it pained me to do so, I had to in order to free up more time to work on our house. So over the next handful of months, I will be MIA on my blog a bit. In between projects, I will no doubt be coloring up images and making cards for them to adorn. :) I hope you all understand my short absence and can hold on until the fall when I hope to be back sharing lots of cards with you again! In the meantime, I will pop in updating you on our progress and maybe even an Etsy Friday Find with you all!

Until then, here's a little photo of the place we're starting to call home.



Linda L said...

I have missed you and your beautifully coloured card creations but I wish you well Sandra as you work on your home and get it the way you want it. We will be here waiting patiently when you get time to come back to blogland :-)) TSG will not be the same without you. Take care!

nutty natty said...

Hi Sandra,

I was wondering what you where up to? I thought maybe you would be living in Perth, but It looks like you have an amazing house to decorate. I can't wait to see photos of it.
Take care over there
love Nat

*Susan* said...

While I'll miss seeing your wonderful card creations, I know you'll be having lots of fun with your renovations! Isn't it wonderful to find little treasures left behind, like the silver dish and ladder, that you can incorporate into your decor? Enjoy making the farm house a home for your family! I look forward to seeing your progress and creativity as you go! {hugs}

Alyssa S said...

How exciting! I hope you share pics of your renovations and little finds :o) Have a wonderful break while you make your new home your <3 home <3

Michele Lourenco said...

you will definitely be missed! I had to stop at your blog directly to see if anything happened and am happy that it's all good news!
best of luck with the renovations,

wethreelyons said...

I love the way the house looks!!! We live in a 200 year old house so we know the feeling!!!! Love you guys, hope all is well!

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