Etsy Friday Finds

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi again! Just me with some awesome Etsy Friday Finds!!

I don't know which one to put at the top of my list this week. Although, I think I will have to wait on buying something since my dear, sweet hubby made a surprise purchase the other day. Apparently (and I say this with the utmost sarcasim), we needed the mother of all remote controls for our teeny, tiny apartment! Huh?? For $100 it had better clean the toilets for me! I mean, really?! All I can say is; it had better do A LOT! ;)

During my lunch hour at my old work, I used to go blog surfing to fill in the time, but at my new job Blogger is blocked, so I have resorted to window shopping on Etsy instead! :) And this week I found some amazing stuff! Check it out!


I thought this little beauty would look perfect in my daughter's room! It's a print by Diane Duda, who designs stamps for Sugar Nellie. I love the combination of paint and paper collage. And besides that - the little bears are CUTE! :)

Curly Netto

This working girl needs a better lanyard for her photo ID! The standard black nylon one isn't cutting it! This one has a watch on it and for $22, it's not a bad deal.

Kate Emerson Designs

I just about fell out of my chair last night when I spotted this gorgeous creation! My little girl loves her dresses and I'm hoping she'd love this one! I don't know if it's the photograph that caught my eye first or the different colored fabrics!

Baffin Bags

Isn't this adorable?! It's reversible too! I could see a couple of these on my craft table or holding some balls of wool. The designer showed a picture of this with a bunch of diapers in it. What a great idea for a baby shower gift!

Vintage Confections

Marshmellow. Caramel. All rolled into one heavenly cube. What else do I have to say?!? Except.......I'll take one please! LOL


This pouch caught my eye and reminded me of my friend Amy! She loves her owls!

I'm so glad you all enjoyed these finds last week! Can't wait to window shop again next week. Maybe I'll actually make a purchase one of these days! LOL

Have a fabulous weekend!!


~amy~ said...

woot woot! we'd make fabbie shoppin' buddies:)

happy friday sista!

Gabriela said...

I adore your taste! That lanyard is just my style too. Quite a find. I also like the Brighton lanyards so much I've got two. Big bummer about Blogger being blocked at the new place.

Sheila D said...

I really enjoy the Friday Etsy Finds. You find the coolest things. I, too, love that lanyard and Diane Duda rocks.

Lauri said...

Hi Sandra! Glad you are back to work!! Your cards continue to rock...beautiful work!! and I am loving your Friday Etsy Finds! I have to get that lanyard too!!

☼ Cheryl* said...

oh wow!! I LOVE the Baffin Bag!

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