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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Morning!

These past several years have been quite trying on me and my small family. We've been through things that, fortunately, most families don't ever deal with in their lifetime. We're just so thankful to be on the other side of them now. So much so, The Man and I have said many times over these past few days how thankful we are for the opportunities that have come our way recently. It's been such a blessing to us and now I want share some of our gratitude with you all.

It's blog candy time!!

One lucky person will receive all this:

Birdie Wishes from There She Goes
Garden of Friends from There She Goes
EDIT: Jessica generously added the Let's Get Together set to the stash!
Maggie Bunny from The Greeting Farm
$25 Gift Certificate to The Greeting Farm

as well as

1 pkg Making Memories Tiny Alpha Stickers
1 pkg Recollections Pearl Stickers
1 pkg Recollections Rhinestone Stickers
1 pkg Recollections Valentine Trim

And anything else I can round up between now and when it gets mailed out!

That's at least $75 worth of goodies!! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what made you laugh out loud recently! I wanna hear every funny story, situation or joke that made you giggle! Lord knows we all need to laugh more! If you want to tell everyone about the candy or follow my blog, you don't have to but that'd be great too! :) You have until Sunday January 31st at midnight EST to enter! I'll announce the winner on Monday February 1st.

Good luck!!


☼ Cheryl* said...

Thats sooo nice! What a fantastic way to win candy :)
Mine are not terribly funny, i'm sure when this candy is over i'll think of the really funny ones!

The most recent thing to make me laugh is more "awww" but it was funny. Me and my son (in his pushchair) were on the bus next to a little girl and all she wanted to do was hold his hand! She was fighting to get her gloves off lol, then Morgan (my son) reached out to hold hers, but he pinched her fingers! Finally they held hands untill the little girl had to go.

Another thing that makes me laugh is Morgans Tantrums... if something isn't going the way he wants, he screams and shouts at it, then throws it, puts his head on the floor (like hes kissing it!) and rolls over, its so funny!!! His face when he rolls looks so surprised, haha.

Babies are so funny :) Morgan snores too and he gets his cot toy, plays it and falls straight to sleep!

☼ Cheryl* said...

oops forgot to say, i'll go add this to my sidebar!

Jessica Diedrich said...

MERCY makes me laugh out loud...'nuf said. (Only I really wish you could hear her in her best ChicAHHHHgo I told her, she talks like me better than *I* talk like me!) LOL!!!

Marley said...

Wow.. thats a lovely candy! Thank you so much for the chance to win! What really made me laugh??

There is a lot of snow here in the Netherlands.. my dog (bull terrier, 10 years old named Yankee) is getting a little old so he's losing his hairs.. its very cold and he's really shaking when he's outside.. so I decided to buy a jacket for him!! When I put him his jacket on he looked so cute and funny at the same time!! People are laughing when they see him.. but he is really proud of his jacket haha! What do you think, isnt he a cutie?? and doesn't this picture make you laugh?? <a href=" big hugs Marley> click here </a>

Marley said...

i'm sorry here is the picture click here! for my funny, cutie dog! big hugs Marley and thanks again for the chance to win!

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Sandra..hope things will be looking up for you now!! You have a VERY cute little family by how u have mentioned them! My story: Recently one of my dds' invited her new boyfriend to dinner at our house..we were going to bbq pork chops..I was unpacking the groceries and couldnt find them..had to go back to the store to buy more..I wanted to make a good impression..well..we were ready to eat and the new boyfriend came to the door and OUR DOG greeted him with the "lost" package of pchops!! YIKES! He came walking in and handed them to us!! :) well..he is STILL dating my dd! hugs! Jane :)

Cindy said...

We had an ice storm yesterday. Outside my craft window is a birdfeeder completely encased in ice with one very persistent squirrel trying to climb it - and slipping - and trying - and slipping - getting a pretty sore butt in the process but not giving up. Go squirrel!

Christi Flores said...

Something funny...well my family is made up of nothing but goofballs so I'll try to narrow it down to one instance. Oh! My dad is such a big kid. He's gotten into the tradition of every Wednesday on his way home from work calling me. He starts off every call with some kind of impersonation or goofy song that he made up that always cracks me up. I look forward to these calls every week because they really do put a smile on my face. :)

Chrissy's Creations said...

What a sweet way to bless others.

My LOL moment is about my 13 year old daughter Abigail. She talks in her sleep and if you catch her at the right moment you can actually have a pretty funny conversation with her. Well, last night I was putting some towels in her bathroom and I heard her say "Oh, I dated him but it didn't work out." Since she's never "dated" I asked Who? she sighed and said "Elvis Presley, he sings to me". Ummm I said, why didn't it work out? She giggled and said all dreamy and giggly "He's too old for me" LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you Sandra. I cannot think of anyone who deserves good things more than you - heaven knows you always bring a smile to my face with your art and your stories and by just being you.

Hmm - a laugh out loud moment for me. It would have to be when Chase (the elder of the twins) blew raspberries with a mouthful of broccoli baby food. Made the funnier of course since my daughter was the recipient of the facefull of green splatter. The look at HER face was priceless!

Rachel Hope said...

Such fun goodies!!!

Quick story, my 6 year old sone LOVEs the song "Love Stinks" so the other day he is writing sentences for his spellin ghomework and one of his words is love, he writes on his homework..."Love stinks, Yea, Yea!" LOL...I about died laughing....can't wait to hear ewhat his teacher thinks of that!!!

jan farnworth said...

my son dog had puppies a few weeks back and he was at achool when it happend. When he came home and saw all the puppies he said my dog pooped out puppies mom. About a month later he discovered a baby fish in his fish tank and he said my fish pooped out a baby fish. It so funny when he says it cause he totally serious. have a great day. He is 5 by the way.

Kris and Jo said...

My 5 yr old daughter Tasha loves the name Natalie. She is always lamenting why I didnt name her Natalie. Anyway, this conversation took place whilst in the car, picking up her best friend, Em to school.

Em: Good Morning Tasha!
Tasha: My name is Natalie.
Em: Huh? Your name is Tasha.
Tasha: Em.. I am telling you, my name is Natalie.
Em: ??? (silence for a moment) But Tasha suits you so much better.
Tasha: Em, if you are my friend, remember my name is Natalie today ok?

Next day as Em got into the car.
Em: Good morning (cheerful as usual). Err ... what's your name today?

LOL! You've gotta love kids, they say the most amazing things.

Judy McMullen said...

Dear sweet Sandra, I'm so happy for you and your family that life is looking better and brighter and full of joy and blessings! And what a terrific gift of blog candy!

What's making me LOL is all the the "whispers" I'm reading here today! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Gabriela said...

On Friday, my little girl turned 12 years old. On Saturday she attended a Girls Scouts "Career" Workshop that required business attire. There she was all dressed up in a pin stripe suit and wearing her long tresses in a very proper French roll, but because it was only 29F that morning and she didn't want to ruin her look with her big puffy parka, I loaned her one of my wool capes. When we dropped her off at the meeting location she decided not to wear the cape into the hall and informed us that "I think I'll leave my Super Cape in the car". I'm so glad my 12-year old is still a little girl and thinks of Mommy's cape as Superman's cape.

Betty said...

My DD takes her Newfoundland to 'playcare' once a week. She was packing a snack for him and I asked if it had to be a healthy snack...then that night she said the owner said Iggy hadn't napped all day so he would be tired...I asked if he was crabby too! Sounds just like a kid!

Thanks for the candy chance...I never win but it's fun to try

Ida said...

Recently I was having a conversation with my granddaughter Coleen (who just turned 5) and she was unhappy about something I had told her so she called me a, "Cheater" and I told her that she could call me anything she wanted but we were still going to do what I said. So she called me that again and I told her it wasn't nice to call people names. To which she replied, "Grandma you said I could call you anything I want!" Okay I tried not to laugh but it was funny and the joke was on me.

Ciacchina said...

Hai ragione! abbiamo tutti bisogno di ridere, le risate e i sorrisi sono una grande benedizione!
io sto attraversando, con la mia famiglia, un brutto momento, ma sono molto fortunata, perchè sono capace di ridere e sorridere anche per le piccole cose, ogni giorno!

Donna Baker said...

You're so generous! I'm not sure what y'all have been through since I just found your blog about a month ago but I'm glad things are turning around! My DH and I have been through a lot the past few years too so I can relate. I was laughing a lot in my anatomy/physiology class last night -my professor who is a retired 49 yr old GYN and has a pretty thick accent was telling us all kinds of funny stories-I hope it continues, it will make the semester fly by!

Rebecca Ednie said...

Well, I think my little one's nickname is pretty funny. He started out as boogie woogie baby. Which got shortened to boogie, then booga, then booger. Yep, I know, gross but it suits him. Especially since his favourite thing to do is not just pick his nose but mine in it! He loves to go around saying, "Booger, eat it!"

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

So sweet of you to share with everyone :)

Hope this makes you smile!

My hubs has a bad habit saying the "S" curse a lot, it just goes with the job he does (his excuse, lol)... I warned him a few days ago that he'll regret not trying harder to bite his tongue in front of our 3 and 6yo...
Yesterday, he asked the 3yo if he went poopies in his pull-up, 3yo replied: "No, Daddy, I took a s---"
Hubs was surprised - "What!?"
3yo: "What's the matter, Daddy? Don't you like s---?"

Hubs: speechless...

LOL! Priceless!

Thanks for letting me share :)
hugs, margie

None None said...

Thanks for the chance to enter. I have two things to share - one to make you scratch your head and the other is a joke.

First - while on the subway to work this morning, I noticed the most odd footwear on a young guy (late 20's, early 30's?). He was wearing camel colored slippers, nice pants, shirt, jacket... I wonder if he forgot that he had his slippers on when he left his house?

Next is a joke that my good friend recently told me.

Q: What has more lives than a cat's nine lives?

A: A frog as it croaks every night!

Pegg S said...

I'm glad to hear sunny days are ahead for you and your family! That is a great reason to celebrate. How generous of you! I love to laugh and usually it's over very silly things. But my SO just told me a joke that made me giggle. You have to say it aloud though.

What did the yoga teacher say when the party was over and the host asked everyone to leave?

Answer: Namaste

Anonymous said...

This morning I couldn't get the printer to work.So I called my tech(husband)It had been unpluged so he pluger it in and said you should do the simple things first.I told him I did that was why I called him.We had a good laugh over me calling him the simple things.
Jocelan P

Michelle said...

I just got a chuckle out of a joke on a blog....Sorry, I forgot who posted it though.
It was about a girl who was sitting in Starbucks who felt like she had to fart...she decided she could time her fart with the music so noone would she timed it just right and let goes two times right on beat.....a few moments later she notice a few people staring up from their coffee's at her...she then she realized at that moment that she forget she was wearing her headphones.

Kay M said...

Hi Sandra.... Just had to submit a comment on this one.

Your daughter Sydney makes me laugh out lould (LOL) every time she is around..... But, one of the most recent moments was on Christmas day when she recieved a trunk of dress up clothes. The first thing she saw was a brides costume. Into the bathroom she went, as fast as her little legs could run. When she arrived back in the livingroom it was time for all of the family to provide her with the response she expected. Of course she recieved that and more since she was by far the most beautiful 4 year old bride ever. However, it was the reaction from and her 7 year old cousin Tre that was the best. She proceed to try to single him out for his reaction and he tried his darndest to get as far away from her as he could. Once again, he very strongly, and loudly, reminded her "I AM NOT GOING TO MARRY YOU.... I'M YOUR COUSIN." She promptly let him know that it was okay because she had another boyfriend... Don't think he liked that too much.

Love ya

Gabriela said...

Or how about the time when Minime was in Kindergarten and after she finished watching George W's state of the union address promptly sat down to write him a letter that said "Dear Mr. Presatent, I just saw you on the TV and I have a coin with your pikchr on it. I think you are very speshel. When I grow up I want to be a Presatent to. I am your bigest fan. But my perents are not!" And yes, Sandra I will send you a soft copy of said letter. Yes, we mailed it and since a friend of mine was actually meeting with the POTUS (president of the United States) the following morning, I emailed it to him, he printed it and hand delivered Minime's letter directly to W himself!

JenRaff said...

We took the kids to EPCOT after school on Wednesday. Collette (5yrs) got to see Belle in France and that is one princess that she has never been able to see before. All the other princesses ask "Do you have a prince" and Collette always says "No". Belle asked "Do you have a Beast?" and Collette promptly turned around and pointed to her brother, Nicolas who looked up at me and smiled! That made me laugh . . .

Tanja said...

Hi Sandra!
Wow, you put a wonderful blog candy together!!! Love it!!!

I just have to share this story:
Yesterday afternoon (we had a rainy day here) my kids were playing together while I was working in the kitchen. All of a sudden it went silent. And this is more than unusual. After maybe 5 minutes I wanted to check on them but couldn't find them. NO ANSWER - NOTHING! Doors were closed so I figured they have to be inside.

Finally I found them giggling and sitting in our fireplace. I couldn't find them because they were black all over and you could just see the white in their eyes.

I then asked - pretty shoked- what they were doing there and my oldest son answered: "Mommy, we are football players. And they have this funny black stripes under their eyes. That's what we wanted to have too!"

Well, we are still scrubbing the (???) of their skin but it was so funny to find them there and they were having so much fun with their idea!!!!

Sending you a huge hug my friend

Lorie said...

Hi Sandra!
This is such a wonderful theme for blog candy! I hear ya on the rough times, and it does feel so good to get to the other side! I'm sorry you've had your share, but here's to better days (AND yeard) ahead!

My funny story is about our Lola dog. She loved to sit on the back of the couch when it was in front of the window and look out. Well after Christmas, I moved the couch back against the wall, and she was so upset that she couldn't get to the window. I watched her one day jump up on my grandma's chair, but she couldn't get to the window. She got down, surveyed the room, and her eye caught the very large triple mirror on one end of the room, right under the loveseat. Yep! She did it! She went running toward the loveseat, and that mirror, thinking it was a window. The next thing I heard was a THUD when her little nose hit the mirror. She was sooooo confused, because that particular window only had a view of the other side of the room! It was hilarious to watch, Poor Lola! My laugh was all at her expense!! Kids and animals! They do the funniest things!! I've enjoyed all the stories, and will link you up in my sidebar!

Thanks so much!!

Love ya,

♥Rach♥ said...

My son (not quite 2) had some Vaseline on his rear b/c of a diaper rash and he let a huge toot go right on my arm. It sounded worse than it normally would have because of the vaseline and he looks at me and starts giggling and goes, "Mommy, I Fart". Like I didn't know, LOL :0)
Love your blog thanks so much for the opportunity!

kadie said...

Candy candy, I want candy!! I'm afraid though I don't have any funny stories that even come close to these laughs!! They only thing that every happens around our house that's comical is when Winston farts and one of us thinks it's the other! LOL! It's always Winston though, **wink** :) I've loved reading everyone's stories though, thanks for coming up with such a fun way to give out candy!

paradise45 said...

I just watched this Colbert Report with Tucker Fredricks and his mom, Shawn. Not only is it funny on its own merits, but I know both Tucker and both his parents.

Laughter is a wonderful, cheap medicine! Sorry that you have gone through rough times. Once you finally get to the other side you are so much stronger and know what's really important in life. Thanks for the chance to win.

Cheri said...

My cat, Lex, keeps me laughing all the time! He has this funny habit of lying on the next to top stair going from the basement to the upstairs when he's "stalking" us. All you can see is his ears and eyes, but when you move he ducks lower. We call him the "Master of Camouflage and Disguise" when he tries to hide like that. Crazy cat!

P Myers said...

I was at the movies the other night with my girlfriends. We get together once a week at someone's house or Barnes and Noble etc. just to have fun. We saw the movie "Have you heard about the Morgan's". I will apologize now if that is not the correct title,because as we each went to get our tickets at different times, we all had a different name for the movie. Anyway, back to the movie, which was a good one for a lot of laughs and a good storyline and ending. I (actually all of us) laughed so hard at the one part I had tears running down my face. It sure was good for the soul.
It also reminded me of my mother who would have celebrated her 80th that same day. She was going into major surgery and her words for us were "Never lose your sense of humor". I often think of that when I remember my Mom. I have learned over the years that laughter is indeed the best medicine!

Rosa Forino said...

ciao... partecipo volentieri a questo blogcandy

la cosa che mi ha fatto sorridere di più ultimamente e aver visto mio marito parlare con il cane !!!

Aimes said...

OMG what amazing candy - thank you so much for giving us the chance to win it!
I think I must laugh nearly everyday but something that really tickled my funny bone was when my guy decided to buy a comedy moustache during his day at work and return home wearing it! I nearly peed myself with laughter. I sometimes wonder what goes through his mind....don't ask why he did it, that's why I love him so much LOL! I had to make him take it off for dinner though, not only would it get messy but I seriously couldn't eat from laughing too much!
Laughter is definitely the best medicine, I've had a giggle or two reading the other comments!

Anonymous said...

I have three great stories about myself. I will go with the latest one. This summer I just didn't feel good and had lots of little problems. Then, all of a sudden I started losing weight and my hair. Turns out I had diabetes and was one step away from either a coma or one foot in the grave according to the doctor by the time I went to be tested. Now, that is not funny at all but this goes with it and makes me giggle everytime I get sort of "down" with all the insulin shots I have etc.

Imagin a very cold and windy day in the Walmart parking lot with a sleet-like rain falling. I am way at the end of the parking lot with my cart but of course one other car by me. Well, I stop to open the trunk of my car. The wind takes my cart and heads towards the new car parked a few stalls by me. I go to run after belowed hat goes one way and my pants go another (slid down from my weight loss)! So, here I am trying to pull my pants up and run after my cart and then my hat. Thanks goodness my coat was long enough to cover my bottom. Then, I happen to look up and see they have a parking lot camera - can you imagin people monitoring the camera shots? So, then I trip but don't hurt myself. The cart missed the other car but kept on going with my stuff in it and a few things blowing out. I managed to gather everything and go on my way. What seemed like eons probably only lasted 1/2 minute. My question, did anyone else see this?

Chris R. from Iowa

Gina Lindsay said...

I am happy that things are turning around for your family. We went through the same thing last year when my husband lost his job. It took a while, but now things are better for us too.

My friend's six year old daughter crafts with me on a regular basis and has since she was tiny. She brought home an art project the other day and was obviously not happy with it. I complimented her drawing and she said "The coloring is ugly, see those stripes. I need Copics in my art class!".

At Christmas she received several things of art supplies. After about the third package she turned to her mom and said "I need my own studio now!".

Theresa said...

Hi Sandra,

What a great way to give out blog candy, but you are going to have a hard time deciding.

Well I’d like to offer a story. I don’t have children or a husband, but I do have students.

Teaching children to read is just an amazing job! I teach them that writers write in a way to elicit emotion from their readers. The way writers do that is to write so that the 5 senses are stimulated. The 5 senses being see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Of course questions came up about taste and smell. I explained how visualization can get you there – especially if they are writing using very descriptive words.

Well, I was reading Charlotte’s Web to the children and I was on chapter 3 – The Barn. It’s a great chapter for children to try to visualize. It goes in depth of all the things in the barn. Then it talks about manure!! As my students eyes were closed trying to visualize, one student pops up, “Ew! You want us to taste and smell manure?” I tried as hard as I could to contain myself. I couldn’t help but laugh. The children were laughing – we laughed so hard we had tears coming down our face. Each time I tried to restart my lesson we all burst out laughing. What makes this even funnier is that my principal was in observing me for my evaluation. Thank goodness, she found it to be quite humorous as well. I finally had to throw my hands in the air and give up on the lesson.

From the mouths of babes - you got to love it!

Big Hugs

Mary Giles said...

Ooh that is some serious candy! Pick me, pick me! LOL.

Well my DD has me laughing everyday. I just got my hair cut short and adjusting to fixng it. Yesterday I curled it to flip it out and DD goes "Momma, you got WILD hair!" followed by "Can I get my hair like that." Hehehe. I think she is a mommy's girl.

nikilynn said...

I'm a new follower, thank you for the chance to win the yummy candy.

This is what made me laugh out loud lately:
My daughter was laying on the couch (she is 5), watching TV. She dozed off for a little bit about 1/2 hour or so... and when she woke up she was kind of grumpy.. so I told her... "Wow, you must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed." And this was her reply; "Should I go to the other end of the couch and get up from there?"
Ohhhhh, it was just tooo funny and cute!!!!

Lorraine said...

well i fell over 3 times in the space of 30 minutes in the snow right on my butt not funny 4 me but funny 4 every1 else lol great candy too x

Simply Jessabells said...

Well, I guess the funniest thing that has happened lately that I can remember right off the bat was this past weekend my son thought it would be fun to make the dog follower him around the house. Well the dog at first was following right behind him but then decided that he wanted my son to now follow him so he cut my son off who then fell over the dog and fell to the floor. My son is 13 not 3 so this was so funny. I couldn't help but laugh. I couldn't even help him up. I guess you had to be there.
Thanks for the chance!!


Wilfreda said...

Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up my mail and there was a card from my Grandma. We live close and I see her all of the time, so I figured she was up to something. I stood there and opened it up. It was a card for "Wennie is Awesome Day". I started laughing, it was so funny! I bet I looked like a total dork :) I posted it on my blog.

*Alison* said...

thanks so much for the chance to win.. :) :)

On sunday while we were at church the speaker said something funny (which I can't remember) that made the whole congration laugh..
after the laughing stopped there was a quiet pause.. my 18mo old (who takes after her mama and has a very loud voice) so loud that the people in the back could hear her.. Laughed out loud in a "fake laugh" HA HA HA!!!! everyone turned to look at her and started laughing.. then she started the "fake laughing" thinking what she did was so funny.. it was one of those things that made everyone smile ear to ear.. :)

Crossing my fingers and toes.. :) I get picked.. thanks for the chance.. HUGS

Tracey said...

I know exactly what you are saying. My family has had its share of tough times too. Those are the times though that we especially need to remember what makes us laugh.

For me, that is my three-year-old. She is always saying and doing things to make me smile and laugh. She is such a joy. I wish I could think of something specific right now but I am tired and drawing a blank. Seems to always be the way!!

Hope you find lots of things around you to make you laugh!!

Unknown said...

Hi there, so glad you are through a dark period xx Me and my 17 year old son, were laughing so heartily about ten minutes ago, I thought I was going to wet myself, I have ordered a drawing of myself and my husband from an illustrator for valentines, and when it came, she has made hubby look like my DAD! And it is more of a caricature of the pair of us, You have to see it to understand!!!! My son pointed out though that she had made us slimmer! (he was trying to find a positive from my originally romantic gift) and this just made me laugh more!!!! And needless to say I love it!!!

Thanks for the chance to re-live this and others fun times x A link is on my blog:

Thanks Leigh x

DesertBuni said...

First I would like to say I am Happy for you and your family!! They say laughter is the best medicine and I believe the glue that holds a family together! If you can’t laugh with (or at) the ones you love the most…who can you laugh with!?!
My story is a bit different….
My son became suddenly ill, life threatening ill….He was went to the hospital with stomach pain and within hours we were told to gather family, he had less then a 5% chance of making thought he night and had to under go a couple surgeries and procedures.
Now I am not trying to make anyone sad…this really is about laughter….I just have to tell the story….
With a lot of Hope and Prayers….Thankfully he made it through the night….He was in the ICU, and had a breathing tube in his mouth so he could not talk….He was on a lot of painkillers and just had major adnominal surgery….being in the ICU, we had very limited time to spend with him, Because he was so sick, they allowed more visitors in at a time then usual….So while he was lying in the bed, we all gathered, we were talking to him, trying to reassure him he would be fine…We told him his favorite Aunt was here too…he motioned for something to write with….and he wrote Hi Babe! That is what she says to him!!!! Of course this made us all cry….but to keep the mood light …we being the loving family we are, started to pick on this Aunt, (she is the youngest …so of course it was her…LOL) As we were joking with her, conversation turned to her new female enhancement….you know what I mean….She said was talking about her doctor and said something along the lines of “it’s not like you can go anywhere and get these….That is when my Son wrote “Got M at best Buy” LOLOLOL We all started laughing so hard, while my son was fighting for life…He still had his sense of humor, he still wanted to participate in the fun we were having together….He still made us laugh!!!!
Of course we saved the paper…And my sister got her own copy!!!
As for my son, I am Happy to say…He beat the odds!!!! And he was out of the hospital sooner then expected! He has a blood clotting disorder he will have to manage the rest of his life…But I am so Happy he has a Life to Manage! They say laughter is the best medicine and I have to agree….We laugh together everyday, and that is the best part of everyday!
Sorry this was so long, But Thank you letting me share my story of Life and Laughter!

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

some of these stories are pretty funny :) made me smile :) thought I'd share a funny story from my house.

My 6 year old has diabetes (not funny) he has wet the bed many nites since he was diagnosed at 4 (also not too funny)
the other nite I had a long hot bath after an equally long day and my hubby & I were watching TV in bed & we heard a small voice sayin "mom I peed in my bed" it had wet through the plastic sheet onto the mattress (also not laughin at this point) so I said come & sleep with mom & dad.
My son laid back in my bed and said "oh mom you peed's ok...I'll change your sheets" I realized my long hair had wet my pillow and he assumed I peed.
We all laughed SO hard...sometimes it is better to laugh than is funny that way :)

Katie said...

Wow! What a great idea and a great blog candy! I loved hearing these stories....let's see, my funny story...

This story happened in the fall, but I'm hoping my friend reads this, it will make it funnier. I had a service man at my house talking to me about my energy bill, he was rather cute. Well, my friend had stopped over and we commented that the guy probably had a nice behind, if only he would pull his pants up (he was the saggy pants type). I told her that I would say something to him, she did not believe me. So, I asked him to come back (he had just begun to walk away), and I asked him if he could pull his pants up. He got very embarrassed looking, apologized, and pulled his pants up. I then proceeded to explain that we were not offended but that my friend just wanted to check out his behind. As she turned all shades of red, I tried very hard to keep a straight face and thanked him. As he went on his confused way, I totally lost all composure and cracked up. Still, months later, the story makes me laugh! Embarassing friends is a great way to get a laugh!!!
Thanks for the chance to win,

Lynda Nielsen said...

OMG......... She (Katie) did not tell that saggy pants guy story.... That was ME she did that to!!!! Do you even understand that I just wanted to crawl in a hole... I mean SERIOUSLY.. this guy was no one we knew, but OH MAN!!! Then the guy goes and asks where we hang out or where we like to go out for fun... WHOA.... All I wanted to do was see if he had a nice butt... So I was curious, I couldn't help it, he was cute! LOL

But okay when she told me that she just finished posting something funny and it involves me, then told me WHERE she posted it, I thought I would die... But alright Sandra, I'll tell you some stupid thing I just did the other night. While in the grocery store, and talking to a friend of Katies, I walked out, and by the bottle return there was this guy pulling a TON of those handy wipe things out of the container, and I said loudly... "Yeah sure... You better wash those hands" The guy turned and looked at me, and it WAS NOT WHO I thought it was... I could have sworn it was the guy that we had just talked to inside... WELL... He did have on the same color hat and coat, and even Katie thought he looked an like him... Yes yes, I embarassed myself on that one! I immediately said.. "Ohhhh I'm sorry I thought you were someone else"
See what happens when you can't control your humorous side?


Beth aka BR-T said...

Laughter is amazing for everyone I agree! My cat is insane and she makes me laugh it's Jekyll and Hyde I swear! One minute she is sleeping soundly and the next minute her tail puffs to such magnitude and she races around bouncing off the walls! It truly is a sight to behold! Last night she discovered the toilet paper roll and un wound about 50% of the roll and was having the best time! The funny thing is my husband and I were so engrossed in watching The Office (Steve Carell is the laugh master!) we didn't catch on and we were less than 10 feet away from her! Beth

Kathy H said...

My 7 year old son was hungry the other day so he gets out the left-over pizza box from refrigerator and then it tipped and the pizza fell out. When it fell out it landed upside down on the top of the inside of it wasn't no big deal... But I told him not to get the pizza out and that I was mad and that he should go to his bed till daddy gets home. Well I went and checked on him about ten minutes later, he was snoring away. It was funny and he learned a lesson too! Thanks for the chance Kathy H

Amy C said...

What awesome blog candy!! I would love to win!!

Here is something funny that happened last night (funny to me anyway). I have a 16 month old who really likes to make messes and get into trouble. Well, yesterday evening, me and my family were all sitting around the tv and we were so involved in a movie, that we lost track of where the baby had wandered off to. I walked into the kitchen and she had pretty much drenched herself with the water from head to toe with the water in the dog dish and she was also dunking anything she could get her hands on into the water as well. She must not have heard me come in and I starteled her when I said "What are you doing?" She immediately turned around and walked about 2 feet from the dog's water dish. She stuck her hands behind her back, tipped her head to the side, and gave me a look like "Who me? Sweet little innocent me?" I just about died could anyone get mad at that??

Claude said...

What great candy, thanks for the chance to win!

My daughter Kira is the most awesome kid I know, and I keep telling her that. This morning, she was jumping from sofa cushion to sofa cushion. She looked at me and very seriously said: "aren't I awesome, Mommy?" She's just 3, so it was hilarious!

Mary Lou said...

Hi~~ what a wonderful gesture of gifts you are offering up!! Thanks!!
My giggle moment today was that I picked my daughter up from work b/c her car was getting new tires :) (she is 22) and we were leaving the store at the mall where she works and personel needs to escort her out--protocol I guess. She looked at me and her eyes bugged out. She was shocked at the way we look alike--mind you she is 6 months pregnant and the baby starting kicking and quite obvious to see. So here we are--the three of us at the store entrance feeling her tummy to say hi to the little guy "Creed" inside of her. We giggled after the fact thinking people probably thought we were weird :o)
Mary Lou

Katarina said...

I'm not a joketeller, so no funny stories from me I'm afraid. I did laugh out loud the other day watching a stand-up comedy called "raw". Thanks for the chance to win. I've linked you on my candypost:


Lilly said...

What a lovely candy!
My little sister always makes me laugh. She likes to tell the same jokes over and over again lol
She goes: "I have a new joke" and when she starts to talk I realize it's an old one but I ended up laughing anyway ^^
Thanks a lot for the chance.

Diane H said...

my laugh was totally a visual. At a family get together my brother's Bull Mastiff was playing with my DD's Toy Poodle. The acted like they were both pupies in the same litter. The difference in size was pretty hysterical.

Unknown said...

What great candy!

My 3 year old nephew, Cole, always makes me laugh! This week I picked him up on for my lunch break and took him over to my Mom's. Of course, that had him all wild and he really wasn't listening to directions very well. Trying to act on a 3 year olds' level, I told him I had put my listening ears on, and then looked at my mom and asked if she had her listening ears on, and she said yes, and I bragged on her. And then I said, "Cole, do you have your listening ears on?" and ever so nonchalantly he informed me that he had lost his! Where do kids learn these things?!!

Hope that brings a smile to your face!

Geri said...

This is actually a funny/sweet story. My husband surprised me with a homemade birthday card. While I was away one evening he actually came into my craft room (which used to be his office) and made me a birthday card. How sweet is that? Now, the funny part would be seeing a hockey playing, hunter, fisherman type guy sitting at a craft table making a card. I wish I could have been there with my camera. Just think what all his macho buddies would do with a picture like that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra!
Thanks for offering this lovely blogcandy and the chance to win this!
I've put a link on my blog: Stempelientje and keep my fingers crossed!The last time I laughed loud,was when I saw the pictures my little girl took of me during crafting!You can see them HERE
I hope they bring a smile on your face too.

Greetings from Stempelientje.

Callie said...

Awww... Laughter! The Best medicine! And after reading through these comments I've had enough medicine that I'll be back to myself in no time. Here's my story:
Recently we had some friends over for dinner. After dinner the friends were still at the table talking with my husband, I was in the near by room on the couch with our children when my five year came over and asked me "Why doesn't Bob (the friend) have any hair?!" Poor guy... he's only 25 but he's already balding and needless to say doesn't have any hair. It made us all laugh pretty hard.

Agus said...

Hi Sandra!
thank you so much for the lovely blog candy!
The last time a laugh was a few minutes ago listening a kids conversation in my garden, it was so funny just listening what they said lol

Yvonne Russell said...

What a great idea... we all need a smile and a laugh.

I've added a picture and link to your blog candy post in my sidebar at PAPER FLOURISH

Thanks so much.

When my son was very small, he made something special and gave it to a favourite aunt. She was thrilled, and said "I'll keep this forever!"

He looked a bit puzzled and said "But I didn't make it for Ever. I made it for You."

Aren't kids cute?

Years later, he's having a good laugh about it too.

Yvonne Russell said...

Forgot to say, I'm a follower too. Grat blog. Thanks again.

KarenB said...

The world needs more laughter, and what a great way to give away some blog candy too :) I posted today about a funny situation that happened while creating a layout. Basically it involves a minor paint disaster (oops) and you can read all about it HERE

Hope it makes you smile :)

nannala said...

thanks for the chance to win that nice candy :)
what's making me laugh ? my dog ! and other animals like those:

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