Etsy Friday Finds... and a Trick or Treater!

Friday, October 29, 2010

TGIF! I'm excited about this weekend since it's officially moving day tomorrow (even though we've been in and out of the house all week) but I have reservations since moving it's my least favorite thing to do. But the benefits far outweigh the cons, so I'm just going to grit my teeth and get it done!

Anyway, so just in case we don't have our cable and internet hooked up in time, I've scheduled a bunch of posts for next week (including Claudia & Company sneak peeks and the BIG release happening next Friday!), so fingers crossed Blogger behaves itself and everything posts when it's supposed to! :)

So, in honor of our pending move and Halloween on Sunday, here's a few of my favorite finds on Etsy this week!

Isabella's Art
Wouldn't these look great propped up in a milk glass vase?? Awesome workmanship!

Corso Studio
I am addicted to the True Blood series and this bracelet is calling my name! Oh baby! ;)

Purrple Turtle
Such a cute charm! I'd wear on a pandora bracelet!

Yellow Bug Boutique
What can I say, but.......AWESOME!!!

I forgot to share with you a couple of pictures of Syd in her Halloween costume! We finally convinced her to go with something else other than her original idea of a bride (something about a child bride gave me the heebie jeebies!).

A shy Alice In Wonderland!

(One of the guys I work with took this shot - awesome isn't it?!)


Gabriela said...

It's settled. Syd is the cutest little Trick-or-Treater ever! Both shots are marvelous. I'm so glad you shared them. I hope her Halloween haunting goes exactly as planned.

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