Twice In One Week?!?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Can you believe it?! Two teeth in one week!!

Only, this one wasn't pulled out.

I accidently caught this one on the washcloth I was using to wipe Sydney's face clean! It fell onto the floor with Syd and I looking on in shock! LOL I felt SO BAD, but Syd took it in her stride and said "It's ok Mama." *sigh* Love that girl!

PS. The Tooth Fairy hasn't visited yet....Syd wrote a note begging the Fairy not to take it! But, I think the Tooth Fairy will be writing back tonight convincing her otherwise! hahahaha
PPS. As of this morning...the tooth is MISSING!! Apparently Syd wanted to 'keep it safe' and took it out of the box and slept with it last night! Who does that?!?


Jacilynn said...

Gianna just lost her first tooth a couple weeks ago. When the toothfairy showed up it was tucked safely in a baggie with a wet nap. LMBO! how funny is that? She's such a considerate child. :)
Congrats Syd

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