Etsy Friday Finds - Gifts under $15!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Good morning everyone!

I'm so thankful it's Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. We're heading to The Christmas Tree Shop tomorrow. It's full of stuff you really don't need, but buy anyway. I'm on the hunt for some electric window candles for our place. I have always loved the look of these candles in the windows of old houses that can be seen all over the New England area and now I get to do this tradition in my own house! :) I can't wait!

This week I found a bunch of great gifts for family and friends under $15!

Junk To Joy
I love the idea of putting all my perfume bottles (all 1 of them right now! lol) on an antique silver tray and this one is priced just right at $11.95

French Market
Gorgeous, gorgeous lavendar satchels!! It's a shame they have to be hidden in a drawer!

Vintage Lucy's
Too cute! I think I need a pair!

MooreField Pottery
This cup jumped out at me - it looks like a stamp doesn't it?! It's perfect for the little boy in your family!

JamJam Tees
This just made me crack up laughing! Brilliant! If you click on the link, they've got a bunch more t-shirts that you'll get a kick out of too!

This was so much fun that I think I have to find some more deals next week! Look out for a card post later on this morning.


*Susan* said...

I love your Etsy finds today! But don't hide those gorgeous French sachets - showcase them with your perfume bottle on that beautiful silver tray! Glad you're having fun decorating your new home! {hug}

Rebecca Ednie said...

I'm loving the sachets. Funny thing, I have the stamp they used to make it! And my machine does that same stitch they used to make the bag! Hmmm...

Tracy said...

I love your Etsy posts Sandra! I *have* to get these skull earrings for DD for X-mas. She will flip for them!! Thanks for posting!!!!

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