Etsy Friday Finds - Gifts Under $15!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Howdy folks!

No card from me today. I was too pooped after spending the evening at a local auction house and didn't feel like heading to my craft room when we got back. However, I did find some fabulous deals on Etsy this week! More gift ideas for under $15 (or there abouts!)! A little something for everyone!

Black Dove Botanicals
What's that? What are they selling? It's an under eye serum that reduces puffy eyes and supposedly gives you a well rested look. Where do I sign up?!?

Awesome wooden gift tags! These would look fabulous hung around a nice bottle of red. :)

Bubble Time
How stinkin' adorable is this little guy?!? I could picture a couple of these sitting on a shelf in my house!

MTheory Clothing
For my brother in law who's in a band. I think he'd love this t-shirt!

I think I'm in love! It's a wooden trivet! Can you say G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S?!?

Monster Promos
Nuff said. :D

Have yourself a FABULOUS weekend my sweet friends!


~amy~ said...

Thanks sista...a merry christmas to amy...just bought that sweet tee!

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