Etsy Friday Finds

Friday, April 30, 2010

Hi again!

I've been thinking about storage solutions lately. Our apartment is tiny, so giving everything a home is high on our priority list. For instance, we store our DVD collection in these zipped cases like you would store CD's but you can store the DVD cover with it. It's so nice not having all those DVD's on display!

Anyway, so while I was browsing around on Etsy, I decided to see what things they had to solve my storage solutions.


These things are soooo adorable!! They have pocket mouths, so little kiddies can keep their treasures hidden away! So cute!

I LOVE THIS! It's a zebrawood cover for an external harddrive....sooo chic! It's a beautiful piece of wood isn't it??


It's a vintage beauty case but it would make a great stamping travel case! Nuff said....

Can you stand this much cuteness!?! Ribbon holders with little heads!! I think my little ray of sunshine might want these for herself! hahaha

It's an old printers drawer! I've seen people put stamps in these things, but this one looks a little on the small side. It could hold glitter tubes or thread reels...I just love it's antique feel!

I hope you enjoyed these storage solutions! Have a FABULOUS weekend, whatever it is you're doing! :)


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I so want those ribbon holders, tooo cute!

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