It's All About The Bug!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hi again!

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One of the things I love more than my family and friends, are Beetles! Old Beetles! It's the thing that brought my hubby and I together, so they're near and dear to me. And apparently near and dear to a few Etsy sellers too - check these out!!


This image just reminds me of where my old beetle might end up in a few years, if not already....I hope not! I put so much into it I'm sure it's still on the road in Australia....somewhere. :( I miss that Bug!


One word: CUTE!!!


There's a great story that goes along with this print over at the sellers's store....I just love how the sunlight shines through the trees - so refreshing!


Sooooooo stinking cute!! I MUST HAVE THIS....and a baby to wear it too wouldn't be bad! LOL

East Mesa Designs

This is just plain 'ole cool! I think The Man would love this to use at work....only, it might be frowned upon since he works at a Honda dealership! LOL


~amy~ said...

lovin' the buggie goodness...happy friday sandra!

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