Not a single card!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello peeps!

Well, as the title of my post states, I managed to not make a single card this whole weekend. And I feel bad about it....just a little bit! ;)

The Man and the little ray of sunshine decided to take a long overdue and impromtu weekend away to Kittery and Ogunquit, Maine. We woke up and decided Saturday morning and we were gone by 9am!

Just being by the water and smelling the salty air was sooooo great and rejuvenating! We poked around the quaint little town of Ogunquit and shopped at a few outlets in Kittery. But the best part about it was getting out of our little apartment and having some new scenery around us. It was exactly what we all needed. :)

So thank you for popping in, and I'm sorry I don't have anything to show you, but I promise, if you stop by tomorrow, I'll have something for you to see. =)

Big hugs!!


Theresa said...

I am glad you had a relaxing weekend...sometimes we all need those.

Sorry for my manners - I got your card and it's more beautiful than the picture. Thank you.


JenRaff said...

That sounds wonderful! Glad you had a great weekend!

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