Pumpkin Festival

Sunday, October 26, 2008

No cards yesterday, sorry about that, but I had a very good reason - Keene's Pumpkin Festival! It's a major deal around these parts and rightly so - we set the world record for the most pumpkins in one place back in 2003 with 28,592. (It was broken in 2006 in Boston, apparently using dubious tactics!)

We didn't break the record this year, but our family had lots of fun just the same. Especially my 3 yr old!

If you pop back in this afternoon, I'll have a bunch of Pink Poison cards to share with you! As happy as my daughter looked in these photos, she ended up sick as a dog last night and is needing some 'mummy TLC' today. :(


karen said...

SOunds like you had tonnes of fun! Hope she feels 100%real quick!

kadie said...

Normally I'm afraid of pirates...but Syd is just toooooo cute!! I hope her fever has passed. Poor little one.

Kylah Marro said...

OMGosh!!!! I found one of your cards on SCS and LOVED it so I decided to check out your blog...Boy was I surprised to see your Pumpkin Fest pictures!!! I LIVE in Keene!!!!! You cards are all wonderful! I have to check out Pink Poison!!!!! TFS

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