The Tooth Fairy Was Here!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So something BIG happened that I've been dying to share with you! On Sunday night, my Little Ray of Sunshine lost her first tooth!

Soooo exciting, right?! We've been at her to wiggle and jiggle that tooth for about a month now, and last night her daddy convinced her it was time to pull that sucker out! The first tug made it bleed and that shocked her because she started crying - poor baby. We probably wouldn't have pushed it any further, but that tooth now lay horizontal instead of looking up at the sky! LOL So we convinced her to give it one more tug - which did the trick!

After that, just like a typical kid, she was completely fascinated with the hole that now lives where the tooth was once was. :) Even to the point where, in the wee hours of Monday morning, she woke me up to tell me that the hole had stopped bleeding! (It had already stopped before she went to bed, but apparently she had forgotten that!) Hahaha

Anyway, just had to share that. :) Thanks for popping in!


Mooshie said...

Hehe thats the most adorable story ever.
I hope the tooth fairy delivered some good loot :)

Steven said...

Don't forget to catch the Tooth Fairy in the act next time. You will love this cute "FREE" Tooth Fairy keepsake photo.

Gabriela said...

Oh she's a cutie pie, that one! Now you'll need to write a teensy weensy tiny little note from the Tooth Fairy and leave it for her to find in place of the tooth. I use the smallest font possible, then further reduce it on a copy machine to yield a note that's about .5" wide x 1" tall because in our house Tooth Fairies are only two inches tall when full grown! Congratulations on Little Miss S' first lost tooth.

Judy McMullen said...

She's getting to be such a big girl and such a cutie too! Hope the tooth fairy brought her something really nice!!

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